11th Class English Sample Paper English Olympiad Sample Paper-6

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    Arrange P, Q, R, S between \[{{S}_{1}}\] & \[{{S}_{6}}\] to give the correct sequence of the sentences.
    \[{{S}_{1}}\]: The Moon is a cold, rocky body about 2,160 miles (3,476 km) in diameter.
    P: The phase known as New Moon cannot actually be seen because the illuminated side of the Moon is then pointed away from Earth.
    Q: The Moon orbits Earth about once every 29 and a half days.
    R: It has no light of its own but shines by sunlight reflected from its surface.
    S: As it circles our planet, the changing position of the Moon with respect to the Sun causes our natural satellite to cycle through a series of phases.
    \[{{S}_{6}}\]: The rest of the phases are familiar to all of us as the Moon cycles through them month after month.

    A)  QPRS              

    B)  SRQP

    C)  RQPS                          

    D)  RQSP

    E)  None of these

    Correct Answer: D

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