11th Class English Sample Paper English Olympiad Sample Paper-4

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    Arrange PQRS between S1 and S6 to make a meaningful paragraph.
    S1: Rammohan Roy was associated with several newspapers.
    P: Many educationists protested vigorously against these measures.
    Q: But this came to grief soon after the enactment in 1823, of new measures for the control of the press.
    R: He brought out a bilingual, Bengali-English magazine.
    S: Later, desiring an all-India circulation, he published a weekly in Persian, which was recognized then as the language of the cultured classes all over India.
    S6: Rammohan Roy even addressed a petition to the King-in-Council in England.

    A)  RSQP                     

    B)  RPQS

    C)  RSPQ                     

    D)  RQPS

    E)  None of these

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

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