Banking Computers Sample Paper Computer - Sample Paper - 13

  • question_answer Saving is the process of ______

    A) Copying a document from memory to a storage medium

    B) Making changes to a document's existing content

    C) Changing the appearance, or overall look. Of a document

    D) Developing a document by entering text using a keyboard

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Saving is the process of coping data from a temporary area to a more permanent storage medium. For example, when you edit a file with a word processor. the word processor copies the Entire file. Or portions of the file. In to an area of main memory called a buffer. Any changes you make to the file are made to the copy in the buffer not lo the real file on the disk. The buffer is temporary as soon as you exit the program or turn off the computer. The baffler disappears. To record your modifications to file on the disk, you must save the file. When you do this. The word processor copies the con-tents of the buffer to the file on the disk, replacing the previous version of the file.


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