12th Class Biology Sample Paper Biology - Sample Paper-7

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    Describe the Hardy-Weinberg principle. Write the factors affecting Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.


    The principle states that "allelic frequencies in a population are stable and remain constant from generation to generation, l e., gene pool is constant."
    This is called genetic equilibrium or Hardy Weinberg equilibrium.
    It can be expressed as \[{{p}^{2}}+2pq+{{q}^{2}}=1\]
    where [p and q are frequencies of different alleles.]
    Disturbance in genetic equilibrium results in evolution.
    Factors affecting Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium.
    (a) Gene migration or Gene flow
    (b) Genetic drift
    (c) Mutation
    (d) Genetic recombination
    (e)  Natural selection

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