12th Class Biology Sample Paper Biology Olympiad Sample Paper-3

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    Match column-l with column-ll and select the correct option from the codes given below.
    Column ? I Column ? II
    (i) Rhizobium meliloti  Scavenging of oil spills
    (ii) Pseudomonas putida  Production of human insulin
    (iii) Bacillus thuringiensis  production of Bt toxin
    (iv)Trichoderma polysprom  Production of cyclosporine A
    (v) Escherichia coli (e)  Incorporation of nif gene

    A)                      (i)-(e), (ii)-. (iii)-, (iv)-, (v)-

    B)  (i)-(e), (ii)-, (iii)-, (iv)-, (v)-

    C)  (i)-(e), (ii)-, (iii)-, (iv)-, (v)-

    D)  (i)-, (ii)-, (iii)-, (iv)-(e), (v)-

    Correct Answer: C

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