12th Class Biology Sample Paper Biology Olympiad Sample Paper-3

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    Consider the following statements each with two blanks.
    Seminiferous tubules produce (i) while Leydig's cells produce (ii).In females, urethra is small and conducts (iii) while in males it conducts urine and (iv).
    The process of formation of spermatozoa from spermatogonia is called (v) and the process of maturation of spermatids into spermatozoa is called (vi).
    Which one of the following options, gives the correct fill ups for the respective blank numbers from (i) to (vi) in the statements?

    A)  (v)-spermatogenesis, (vi) - spermiogenesis, (i) - spermatozoa, (ii) ? testosterone

    B)  (i) - testosterone, (ii) - spermatozoa, (iii) - urine, (iv) ? semen

    C)  (i) - estrogen, (ii) - testosterone, (v) - spermiogenesis, (vi) ? spermatogenesis

    D)  (iii) - urine, (iv) - semen, (v) - spermiogenesis, (vi) ? spermatogenesis

    Correct Answer: A

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