UPSC History The vedic period - Early vedic period, Later vedic period and sangam period Question Bank Vedic Period/Mahajanapadas/Nandas etc

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    Who among the following wrote Sanskrit grammar?        

    A)  Panim                         

    B)  Manu

    C)        Kalidasa

    D)  Charak

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Panini was a Sanskrit grammarian who gave a comprehensive and scientific theory of phonetics, phonology and morphology of Sanskrit language. Maharishi is an ancient legal text among the many Dhamiasastras of Hinduism. It was written by Manu and was one of first Sanskrit texts translated during the British rule of India in 1794, by Sirwilliam Jones and used to formulate the Hindu law by the colonial government. Kalidas was a classical Sanskrit writer, widely regarded as the greatest poet and dramatist in the Sanskrit language. His plays and poetry are primarily based on the Indian Puranas. Among his plays, Abhijnana Sakuntalam, Malvikagna mitram and Kumara Samvawan are important. Charaka: He was one of the fatheres contributors to Ayurveda developed in Ancient India. He is famous for authoring the medical treatise, the Charaka Samhita.

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