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    With whom is the Yadu tribe mostly paired in the Rigveda?

    A)  Ann                            

    B)  Dmhyu

    C)  Turvasu                       

    D)  Puru

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Yadu tribe is one of the Indo-Aryan tribes mentioned in the Rigveda. They are mostly paired with Turvasu in Rigveda. The period of Ann dynasty who was the Son of Yayati was 5850 BC. The members of the dynasty were Manu, Ella, Pumrava, Ayu, Nahusa etc. Druhyus ruled over Kambqja and Gandhara. His descendants were called yavan. Puru was the youngest son of Yayati, he ascended the throne of Pratisthan (Allahabad). He had two wives called Pausti and Kausalya.

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