UPSC Geography The origin and evolution of the earth Question Bank Universe / Sun / Planets / Earth

  • question_answer Composite volcanic cone is also called strata cone because                                    [NDA 2013-II]

    A)  alternating sheets of lava and pyroclastic materials

    B)  uneven streams of lava flow

    C)  cataclysmic eruption

    D)  eruption of lave  flow from a fissure

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

     Composite cone volcanoes, which arc also called 'stratovolcanocs' or simply composite volcanoes,' are cone-shaped volcanoes composed of layers of lava, ash and rock debris. These steep-sided volcanoes erupt in an explosive mariner. It is also called strata cone because of the cataclysmic eruption.


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