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  • question_answer The given table shows some characteristics of herbs, shrubs and trees. Which of the given points is/are incorrect?
    Features Herbs Shrubs Trees
    (i) Size  Very small, usually less than 1 m high   Medium sized, usually 1-3 m high  Tall, generally more  than 3 m high
    (ii) Nature of stem  Green and tender stems with few branches Hard and very thick stem with branches          on the upper part of the stem           Hard stem but not very thick; branches arise near the base of the stem
    (iii) Examples   Grass, tomato, wheat, mint       Hibiscus, lemon, rose,            jasmine            Gulmohar, neem, peepal, mango

    A) (i) only            

    B) (ii) only         

    C)                    (iii) only       

    D)        (ii) and (iii) only

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    The stem of herbs is green and tender and has few branches. Shrubs have hard woody stems which are not very thick and the branches arise near the base of the stem. Trees, on the other hand, have hard and thick stems and the branches arise on the upper part of the stem.


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