11th Class Business Studies Small Business Question Bank Small Business (Short)

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    How would you differentiate between an ancillary unit and a tiny unit?


    Basis of difference Ancillary Industrial unite Tiny  unite
    Definition Industrial units that have to supply a minimum of 50% of their production to their parent industries are termed ancillary industrial units. Industries that have a maximum investment of Rs.25 lakh in their plant and machinery are termed as tiny industrial units.
    Obligation Such units have to supply at least 50% of their production to their parent industries. No such obligations.
    Investment limit The maximum level of investment is Rs.1 crore.  The maximum level of investment is Rs.25 lakh.
    Examples Industries engaged in the production of machine parts, tools and other intermediate products. Business units such as small shops, boutiques, STD (subscriber trunk dialling) booths and photocopy centres.

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