9th Class Social Science Poverty as a Challenge Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Poverty as a Challenge

  • question_answer Describe the poverty trends in India since 1973.


    Poverty trends in India since 1973;   (a) There has been as Substantial decline in poverty ratios. (b) The number of persons living below poverty line in 1973 was about 32.1 crore. This remain stagnant for almost ten years but has now come down to 26 crore. (c) The poverty ratios have fallen from 55% in 1973 to 36% in 1993. It came down to about 26%' 2000. It is expected to fall down below 20% in next few years. (d) However, the number of people below poverty line in India is still significantly high due to a ve'1' large population size.


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