10th Class Social Science Consumer Rights Question Bank Short Answer Type - Consumer Rights

  • question_answer Explain the importance of consumer awareness in protecting the interests of consumers.                   [AI 2006C]


    There is a great importance need for consumer awareness due to the following considerations:

    (i) The need for consumer awareness was felt because out of their selfishness, both the manufacturers and traders can go to any extent. Thy can charge high prices, stoop to under weigh and under measurement methods. For example. Their lust for money led to an enormous rise in the price of onions in 1999.
    (ii) The need for consumer awareness was felt all the more when some unscrupulous traders began to play with the health of the nation by indulging in adulteration of edible oils, milk, butter ghee, etc. For example. Even spurious medicines were introduced. This was beyond the patience of the nation. Nobody can allow them to play with the life of the nation


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