10th Class Social Science Consumer Rights Question Bank Short Answer Type - Consumer Rights

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    Attempt a brief note on COPRA.
    What is the rationale behind the enactment of Consumer Protection Act of 1986?


    COPRA - 'Consumer Protection Act 1986' was passed by the parliament in 1986 (and came into force with effect from July 1, 1987) for the protection of the consumers from unscrupulous producers and dishonest traders. Salient features of the Consumer Protection Act are as follows:

    (i) Applies to all goods and services unless specifically exempted by the union government.
    (ii) Covers all the sectors whether private, public or cooperative.
    (iii) Provisions of the Act are compensatory in nature.
    (iv) Enshrines the consumer's rights related to safety, information choice, representation, redress land consumer education.
    (v) Empower consumers seeking discontinuance of certain unfair and restrictive trade practices, defects or deficiencies in services, and stopping in services, or withdrawal of hazardous goods from the market.


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