UPSC History Early empire (6 BCE to 1 CE) Question Bank Sangam/Deccans Era

  • question_answer Who among the following Rashtrakuta rulers is known to have made the 'Hiranya-garbha-dana' at Ujjaini?

    A)  Dantidurga                   

    B)  Dhruva            

    C)  Govinda III                  

    D)  Amoghavarsha

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

     Dantidurga, the Rashtrakuta rulers, is known to have made the Hiranyagarbha-dana' at Ujjaini. Rashtrakutas were subordinate to the Chalukyas. Dantidurga, a Rashtrakuta chief, threw Ms Chalukyan overlord and performed Hiranya-garbh a, a ritual that is thought to lead to the rebirth of the sacrifice as a Kshatriya. Dantidurga, thus, founded the Rashtrakuta Empire.


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