UPSC History Early empire (6 BCE to 1 CE) Question Bank Sangam/Deccans Era

  • question_answer Match list 'A' with the list 'B' and choose the correct answer from the codes given below:
    List 'A' List 'B'
    A. Trishasti-  Lakshanamaha- purana 1.Buddha-datta
    B. Gajashastra 2. Mahendravarman I
    C. Vmayavim-chchaya 3. Shripunisha
    D. Mattavilasa-prahasana 4. Chamundaraya

    A)  A-1        B-2     C-4       D-3

    B)  A-4      B-3       C-1       D-2

    C)  A-4       B-1      C-3                   D-2

    D)  A-1       B-3      C-4      D-2

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

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