UPSC History Early empire (6 BCE to 1 CE) Question Bank Sangam/Deccans Era

  • question_answer Match list 'A' with the list'B' and choose the correct answer from the codes given below:
    List 'A? List 'B'
    A.Nagebdra-varman I 1. Destroyer of the city of Ranarasika
    B.Parameshvara-varman I 2. Avanisimha (lion of the earth)
    C.Simhavishnu 3. Construction of Kailashnatha temple
    D.Narasimha-varman II 4. Beginning of rock-cut cut temples

    A)  A-4                  B-1      C-2                   D-3

    B)  A-1      B-2       C-3       D-4

    C)  A-2      B-3       C-4       D-1

    D)  A-4       B-2                  C-1                   D-3

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

     Mahendravarman I, a Pallava ruler, contributed much towards Pallava architecture. A great patron of art and architecture, some of the most magnificent temples at Mamallapuram were constructed under his rule. His rule also marked the beginning of rock-cut temples in India. The Pallava king Parameslivaravamian I destroyed the Chalukya capital at Badami. Ranarasika. Simhavishnu Avanisimha was another Pallava ruler who was known as lion of the earth. Narasimhavannan II got constructed the Kailashanath temple, located in Tamil Nadu. It is constructed in die Dravidian architectural style and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.  


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