JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Structure of Atom Question Bank Quantum number, Electronic configuration and Shape of orbitals

  • question_answer The number of unpaired electrons in nitrogen is                 [Pb. CET 2002]

    A)                 1             

    B)                 3

    C)                 2             

    D)                 None of these

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

               According to Hund's rule, the pairing of electrons will not occur in any orbital of a subshell unit and unless, all the available of it have one electron each.                    Electronic configuration of                    \[_{7}{{N}^{14}}=1\,{{s}^{2}},\,2{{s}^{2}},\,2{{p}_{x}}^{1}2{{p}_{y}}^{1}2{{p}_{z}}^{1}\]                                 Hence it has 3 unpaired electron in 2p-orbital.


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