6th Class Mathematics Practical Geometry Question Bank Practical Geometry

  • question_answer Arrange the given steps in CORRECT order of constructing a perpendicular using ruler and compases. Steps of construction:
    1. With A and B as centres and a radius greater than AP construct two arcs, which cut each other at Q.
    2. Join PQ. Then \[\overline{\text{PQ}}\] is perpendicular to l. We write \[\overline{\text{PQ}}\bot l\].
    3. With P as centre and a convenient radius, construct an arc intersecting the line l at two points A and B.
    4.  Given a point P on a line l.

    A)  4-3-1-2

    B)  3-4-2-1

    C)  4-1-3-2

    D)  1-2-3-4

    Correct Answer: A

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