6th Class Mathematics Practical Geometry Question Bank Practical Geometry

  • question_answer Which of the following steps is INCORRECT while constructing an angle of \[\text{60 }\!\!{}^\circ\!\!\text{ }\]?
    Step 1: Draw a line EF and mark a point O on it.
    Step 2: Place the pointer of the compass at O and draw an arc of convenient radius which cuts the line EF at point P.
    Step 3: With the pointer at A (as centre) now draw an arc that passes through O.
    Step 4: Let the two arcs intersect at Q. Join OQ. We get \[\angle \text{QOP}\]whose measure is\[\text{60 }\!\!{}^\circ\!\!\text{ }\].

    A)  Only Step-1

    B)  Both Step-2 and Step-3

    C)  Only Step-3

    D)  Both Step-3 and Step-4

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Step-3 is incorrect it should be written as: with the pointer at P(as centre) now draw an arc that passes through 0.

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