7th Class Mathematics Number System and its Operations Question Bank Number System and Operations

  • question_answer Isha and Angelina participated in a hurdle race. The race was conducted in 7 parts. In the first part, Isha lost by 10 seconds. In the second part she won by \[\mathbf{1}\frac{\mathbf{1}}{\mathbf{2}}\] minutes. In the third part Angelina won by 25 seconds but she lost it by 15 seconds in fourth part and won it by 1 minute in fifth part. In the sixth part Isha won by 8 seconds and in the last part of the race, Angelina won it by 20 seconds. Who won the race finally and by how much time?

    A) Isha, by 2 seconds 

    B) Angelina, by 3 seconds

    C) Isha, by 3 seconds

    D) Angelina, by 2 seconds

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: D


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