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    A parallel plate air capacitor is charged to a potential difference of V volts. After disconnecting the charging battery the distance between the plates of the capacitor is increased using an insulating handle. As a result the potential difference between the plates:  [AIPMT (S) 2006]

    A) decreases

    B) does not change

    C) becomes zero

    D) increases

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [d] Key Idea: Charge remains constant after charging.
                If the battery is removed after charging then the charge stored in the capacitor remains constant.
                Change in capacitance
                            \[C'=\frac{{{\varepsilon }_{0}}\,A}{d'}\]
    As         \[d'>d\]
    hence,   \[C'<C\]
                Hence, potential difference between the plates
                or        \[V'\,\,\propto \,\,\frac{1}{C'}\]
                As capacitance decreases, so potential difference increases.
    Note:    If the battery remains connected, the charge stores increases. Also the potential difference V becomes constant.

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