6th Class Mathematics Mental Ability Question Bank Mental Ability

  • question_answer How many degrees does the minute had covers in the same time in which the second hand covers\[{{180}^{o}}\].

    A) \[18{}^\circ \]                       

    B) \[6{}^\circ \]            

    C) \[10{}^\circ \]                       

    D) \[3{}^\circ \]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    As we know that the second hand covers \[360{}^\circ \] in 1 minute i.e. in 60 seconds. So, the second hand covers \[180{}^\circ \]in \[=\frac{60}{360{}^\circ }\times 180=30\]second Also, we know that the minute hand covers \[6{}^\circ \] in 1 minute i.e 60 second. \[\therefore \]  The minute hand covers in \[\frac{\text{60}}{\text{2}}\text{=30}\,\,\text{seconds}\]

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