8th Class Mathematics Mensuration Question Bank Mensuration

  • question_answer The bricks of dimension \[\mathbf{15cm}\times \mathbf{25cm}\times \mathbf{7cm}\] required to build a wall \[\left( \mathbf{3}.\mathbf{5}\times \mathbf{10}\times \mathbf{12} \right){{\mathbf{m}}^{\mathbf{3}}}\]are

    A)  160000

    B)  170000         

    C)  180000                        

    D)  200000

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    (a): no. of bricks = \[\frac{\left( 3.5\times 100 \right)\times \left( 10\times 100 \right)\times \left( 12\times 1400 \right)}{15\times 25\times 7}\] (All dimensions converted into cm) \[=\frac{3.5\times 10\times 12}{15\times 25\times 7}=1000000\] \[=\frac{60}{15\times 25}\times 1000000=160000.\]


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