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  • question_answer A man getting down a running bus, falls forward because

    A)  due to inertia of rest, road is left behind and man reaches forward

    B)  due to inertia of motion upper part of body continues to be in motion in forward direction while feet come to rest as soon as they touch the road

    C)  he leans forward as a matter of habit

    D)  of the combined effect of all the three factors stated in [a], [b] and [c]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

     All options are correct : (i) When two bodies A & B move in opposite directions then relative velocity between A & B either \[{{V}_{AB}}\] or \[{{V}_{BA}}\] both are greater than  \[{{V}_{A}}\] & \[{{V}_{B}}\]. (ii) When two bodies A & B move in parallel direction then \[{{V}_{AB}}={{V}_{A}}-{{V}_{B}}\Rightarrow {{V}_{AB}}<{{V}_{A}}\] \[{{V}_{BA}}={{V}_{B}}-{{V}_{A}}\Rightarrow {{V}_{BA}}<{{V}_{B}}\]

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