6th Class Science Lights and Sound Question Bank Light

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    Column-I Column-II
    A. Transparent substance (p) It allows the light to pass through it almost completely
    B. Opaque substance (q) It emits light of its own
    C. Luminous object (r) It does not emit light of its own
    D. Non-luminous object (s) It does not allow light to pass through it

    A) \[A\to (p);B\to (q);C\to (r);D\to (s)\]

    B) \[A\to (q);B\to (p);C\to (s);D\to (r)\]

    C) \[A\to (p);B\to (r);C\to (q);D\to (s)\]

    D) \[A\to (p);B\to (s);C\to (q);D\to (r)\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

         \[A\to (p);B\to (s);C\to (q);D\to (r)\]

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