6th Class English Judging Completeness of Process Question Bank Judging Completeness of Process

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    Below, you can see a set of instructions for making a cup of coffee. Rearrange the following paragraph which describes how a cup of coffee is made.
    P: Put one teaspoonful of instant coffee powder in a cup.
    Q: Then, put the required quantity of sugar in it.
    R: When the milk starts boiling, pour it into the cup containing sugar and coffee powder.
    S: Take one cup of milk in a kettle and keep it on the gas stove to boil.
    T: After doing so, mix the sugar and coffee powder with a spoon and serve hot coffee.

    A)  PQRST                        

    B)  SQRTP

    C)  SPQRT                        

    D)  RSTPQ

    E)  None of these

    Correct Answer: C

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