11th Class Business Studies Internal Trade Question Bank Internal Trade (Short)

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    Who are itinerants? Name different types of itinerants.


    Ans.     These retailers do not have the fixed places to carry their trade and generally move from one place to another in order to sell goods. They can be usually seen along the road sides, streets, railway compartments, bus stands, and fairs etc. They usually possess that stock which can be conveniently sold during the day. They need limited funds to carry their business. These types of retailers deal in daily need articles like vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs and fishes etc.
    A brief explanation of this type of retailers is given as under:
    (a) Hawkers and peddlars: These are the petty retailers who carry their products on their heads or on wheeled vehicles from door to door. They usually sell seasonal goods like fruits, vegetables and eatables and also sell certain other goods like pens, toys and utensils, etc.
    (b) Cheap Jacks: They hire shops in different residential localities wherein they display their products for sale. They do not stick to one place; rather keep moving from one locality to another. They usually deal in household articles.
    (c) Market Traders: They sell their products at periodical markets on 'market days'. The markets may be weekly or fortnightly. They also sell their wares at different fairs and gatherings.
    (d) Street Traders: These traders are found on the pavements of crowded streets or markets of the cities. They are also known as "pavement retailers". In big cities like Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai etc., these traders are usually found selling their goods in different markets.

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