UPSC History The Harappan Civilization Question Bank Indus Valley Civizlization

  • question_answer The famous dancing girl found in the Mohenjodaro was made up of:

    A)  Bronze                         

    B)  Red limestone   

    C)         Steatite                        

    D)         Terracotta                    

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    The famous 'Dancing girl' found in Mohenjodaro is an artifact that is some 4,500 years old. The 10.8 cm long statue of the dancing girl was found in 1926 from a house in Mohenjodaro is made of bronze. Steatite (Soap Stone) artifacts have been found at nearly even? excavated Harappan period site and were the primary element used to make seals. Terracotta were used to make figurines.


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