JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry States of Matter Question Bank Ideal gas equation and Related gas laws

  • question_answer At what temperature, the rate of effusion of \[{{N}_{2}}\] would be 1.625 times that of \[S{{O}_{2}}\] at \[{{50}^{o}}C\] [CBSE PMT 1996]

    A)                 110 K    

    B)                 173 K

    C)                 373 K    

    D)                 273 K

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

      \[\frac{{{r}_{{{N}_{2}}}}}{{{r}_{S{{O}_{2}}}}}=\frac{{{V}_{rms}}{{N}_{2}}}{{{V}_{rms}}S{{O}_{2}}}=\sqrt{\frac{{{T}_{{{N}_{2}}}}}{{{T}_{S{{O}_{2}}}}}.\frac{{{M}_{S{{o}_{2}}}}}{{{M}_{{{N}_{2}}}}}}=\sqrt{\frac{{{T}_{{{N}_{2}}}}}{323}\times \frac{64}{28}}\]                    \[1.625=\sqrt{\frac{{{T}_{{{N}_{2}}}}}{323}.\frac{16}{7}}\]                                 \[{{T}_{{{N}_{2}}}}=\frac{{{(1.625)}^{2}}\times 323\times 7}{16}={{373}^{o}}K\]

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