10th Class Social Science Novels, Society and History Question Bank HOTS Questions - Novels Society And History

  • question_answer How did industrialism affect the writings of novels? Explain with examples.


    Effects of Industrialism on Novels:
    Europe entered the industrial age in 19th century. Factories came up, business profits increased and economy grew. But at the same time workers faced problems.
    Cities expanded in an unplanned manner and were Filled with overworked and underpaid workers. Unemployed workers and homeless people roamed in streets and created the problem of housing. The capitalists made huge profits at the cost of these poor workers.
    Deeply critical of these developments the novelists such as Charles Dickens and Emile Zola wrote about the terrible effects of industrialization on the life of the people as well as on their character.
    Charles Dicken's 'Hard Times' and Zola's 'Germinal' depict the situation in a realistic manner.


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