6th Class Mathematics Factors and Multiples Question Bank Factors & Multiples

  • question_answer Three bells toll at intervals of 14, 21, and 42 min. respectively. If they toll together at \[10:22\] am. When will they toll together for the first time after that?

    A) \[11:56\,am\]               

    B)  \[12:04\,pm\]

    C) \[11:04\,am\]               

    D)  \[11:48\,am\]

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    LCM of 14, 2 land 42 is 42. It means that ofter every 42 minutes, all bells with toll together. Then after \[10:22\text{ }am,\]they will toll at \[10:22+42=10:64=11:04\text{ }am\]


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