UPSC Ecology And Environment Environment Question Bank Environment Management

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    Read the following statements regarding suggestions for forest fire prevention.
    i. Planting narrow-leaf trees.
    ii. Creating ponds and other water harvesting structures within the forest.
    iii. Using corporate social responsibility funds for creating awareness campaigns on forest fires.
    Choose the correct option.

    A) i, ii and iii                     

    B) ii and iii

    C) i and ii              

    D) i and iii

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Forest fire can be prevented by planting of broad tree leaves in forests, and after a period of five years, systematic replacement of chir pine trees in forests by broad leaves. Forest fires results mainly due to drying up of forest area. Planting of broad-leaf plats can prevent forest fires as they provide more shade. Narrow-leaf trees provide less area under shade and allow more sunlight to enter the forest area leading to drying up of the region.

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