JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry GOC Question Bank Critical Thinking

  • question_answer Which of the following act as nucleophiles [Roorkee 1999]

    A) \[C{{H}_{3}}N{{H}_{2}}\]

    B) \[R{{O}^{-}}\]

    C) \[AlC{{l}_{3}}\]

    D) \[C{{H}_{3}}MgBr\]

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

     \[C{{H}_{3}}\overset{\cdot \ \cdot }{\mathop{N}}\,{{H}_{2}},\ R-\underset{\cdot \ \cdot }{\overset{\cdot \ \cdot \ }{\mathop{O}}}\,\,-,\ C{{H}_{3}}-Mg-\underset{\cdot \ \cdot }{\overset{\cdot \ \cdot }{\mathop{B}}}\,r:\] are nucleophiles due to presence of lone pairs.

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