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  • question_answer Sulphur-35 (34.96903 amu) emits a \[\beta -\]particle but no \[\gamma -\]rays, the product is chlorine-35 (34.96885 amu). The maximum energy emitted by the \[\beta -\]particle is [DPMT 2004]

    A)            0.016767 MeV                      

    B)            1.6758 MeV

    C)            0.16758 MeV                        

    D)            16.758 MeV

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

               Mass defect = mass of sulphur ? mass of chlorine                    \[=34.96903-34.96885\]\[=0.00018\,g\]                    Binding energy =mass defect \[\times \]931                    \[=0.00018\times 931\]                    \[=0.1675\,MeV\]

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