JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Equilibrium Question Bank Common ion effect, Isohydric solutions, Solubility product, Ionic product of water and salt hydrolysis

  • question_answer The solubility of silver chromate in 0.01 M \[{{K}_{2}}Cr{{O}_{4}}\] is \[2\times {{10}^{-8}}mol\,d{{m}^{-3}}\]. The solubility product of silver chromate will be                                            [MH CET 2000]

    A)                 \[8\times {{10}^{-24}}\]               

    B)                 \[16\times {{10}^{-24}}\]

    C)                 \[1.6\times {{10}^{-18}}\]            

    D)                 \[16\times {{10}^{-18}}\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

               \[{{K}_{sp}}={{[A{{g}^{+}}]}^{2}}[Cro_{4}^{-\,-}]={{[2S]}^{2}}[0.01]\]                                 =\[4{{S}^{2}}[0.01]=4{{[2\times {{10}^{-8}}]}^{2}}\times 0.01\]\[=\,\,16\times {{10}^{-18}}\] .

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