JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Question Bank Atomic Molecular and Equivalent masses

  • question_answer Sulphur forms the chlorides\[{{S}_{2}}C{{l}_{2}}\text{ and }SC{{l}_{2}}\]. The equivalent mass of sulphur in \[SC{{l}_{2}}\]is [EAMCET 1985; Pb. CET 2001]

    A)                 8 g/mole

    B)                 16 g/mole

    C)                 64.8 g/mole          

    D)                 32 g/mole

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

               The atomic weight of sulphur =32            In \[SC{{l}_{2}}\] valency of sulphur =2 So equivalent mass of sulphur \[=\frac{32}{2}=16\].

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