JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Question Bank Atomic and lonic radii

  • question_answer The ionic conductance of following cation in a given concentration are in the order  [Orissa JEE 2004]

    A) \[L{{i}^{+}}<N{{a}^{+}}>{{K}^{+}}<R{{b}^{+}}\]

    B) \[L{{i}^{+}}>N{{a}^{+}}>{{K}^{+}}>R{{b}^{+}}\]

    C) \[L{{i}^{+}}<N{{a}^{+}}>{{K}^{+}}>R{{b}^{+}}\]

    D) \[L{{i}^{+}}=N{{a}^{+}}<{{K}^{+}}<R{{b}^{+}}\]

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    With the increase in size of cation the size of the hydrated ion decreases hence ionic conductance increases.

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