6th Class Mathematics Arithmetic Question Bank Arithmetic

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    Read the following statements carefully and choose the correct option. (i) Ratios 2:4 and 12:24 are equivalent ratios. (ii) A team won 6 games out of 10. The ratio of the games won to the games lost is 3 : 2.

    A) Only (i) is true.

    B) Only (ii) is true.

    C) Both (i) and (ii) are true.

    D) Neither (i) nor (ii) is true.

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    A: Ratio \[2:4=\frac{2}{4}\,=\frac{1}{2}\,=1:2\] Ratio \[12:24=\frac{12}{24}\,=1:2\] B: Number of games won = 6 Number of games loose = 4 Ratio = 6 : 4 = 3 : 2

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