6th Class Mathematics Arithmetic Question Bank Arithmetic

  • question_answer Directions: Match Column-I with Column-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the columns.  

    A) A ? p; B ? s; C ? q; D ? r

    B) A ? s; B ? q; C ? p; D ? r

    C) A ? r; B ? p; C ? s; D ? q

    D) A ? q; B ? r; C ? p; D ? s

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    A: Cos of 15 apples \[=\frac{96}{12}\times 15=\text{Rs}\,120\] B: Cost of 9 books \[=\frac{455}{7}\times 9=\text{Rs}\,585\] C: Cost of 25 pens \[=\frac{144}{12}\times 35=\text{Rs}\,300\] D: Cost of 4 tables is \[=\frac{1500}{5}\times 4=\text{Rs}\,1200\]

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