2nd Class Science Animals Question Bank Animals

  • question_answer Ravi was asked to make four groups each with three animals which are useful to humans in a similar way. But he made a mistake. Select the option with mistake.

    A)  Sheep, Yak, Rabbit             

    B)  Cow, Goat, Buffalo

    C)  Hen, Duck, Goose              

    D)  Elephant, Mule, Crocodile

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

                                                                                    Wool is obtained from fur of sheep, yak and rabbit (option A). Cow, goat and buffalo give us milk (option B). We eat eggs of birds like hen, duck and goose. Their flesh is also eaten (option C). Elephant and mule both help humans by carrying loads while crocodile skin is used to make leather (option D). Hence, option "D" is the group with mistake, as these animals are useful to us in different ways, not in similar way.                              


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