2nd Class Science Animals Question Bank Animals

  • question_answer Match column I with column II and select the correct option.
    Column I Column II
    (a) Camel 1. King of the jungle
    (b) Cheetah 2. Tallest land animal
    (c) Giraffe 3. Largest land animal
    (d) Elephant 4. Ship of the desert
    (e) Lion 5. Fastest land animal

    A)  (a)-2, (b)-1, (c)- 5, (d)-4, (e)-3

    B)  (a)-2, (b)-5, (c)-1, (d)-3, (e)- 4

    C)  (a)-4, (b)-5, (c)-2, (d)-3, (e)-1

    D)  (a)-4, (b)-5, (c)-2, (d)- 1, (e)-3

    Correct Answer: C


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