11th Class Chemistry States of Matter Question Bank 11th CBSE Chemistry States of Matter

  • question_answer Why are aerated water bottles kept under water during summer?


                    In aerated water bottles, \[C{{O}_{2}}\] gas is passed through the aqueous solution under pressure because the solubility of the gas in water is not very high. In summer, the solubility of the gas in water is likely to decrease because the rise in temperature decreases the solubility. Thus, in summer, more of gas will be present above the liquid surface in the glass bottle. In case, the pressure of the gas becomes too high, then glass will not be able to withstand the pressure. The bottle may explode and may lead to serious accident. To avoid this, the bottles are kept under water. As a result, the temperature is likely to decrease and the solubility of the gas is likely to increase in aqueous solution resulting in decreased pressure.

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