11th Class Chemistry Redox Reactions Question Bank 11th CBSE Chemistry Redox Reactions

  • question_answer (a) Define oxidation. (b) Which is the O.N of sulphur in \[{{H}_{2}}S\] and of carbon in \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{12}}{{O}_{6}}\]? 


                    (a) For the definition of oxidation, consult section 8.2. (b) (i) \[H_{2}^{+1}\overset{x}{\mathop{S}}\,;\,\,x+2=0\,\,or\,\,x=-2\]      (ii) \[\overset{x}{\mathop{C}}\,{{}_{6}}\overset{+1}{\mathop{H}}\,{{}_{12}}\overset{-2}{\mathop{O}}\,{{}_{6}};\,6x+12-12=0\,\text{or}\,x=0\]  

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