11th Class Chemistry Equilibrium Question Bank 11th CBSE Chemistry Ionic Equilibrium

  • question_answer   Some processes are given below. What happens to the process if it is subjected to a change given in the brackets? (i) \[\text{Ice}\overset{M.pt}{\mathop{\rightleftharpoons }}\,Water(Pressure\,is\,increased)\] (ii) Dissolution of \[NaOH\] in water (Temperature is increased) (iii)\[{{N}_{2}}(g)+{{O}_{2}}(g)\rightleftharpoons 2NO(g)-180.7kJ\] (Pressure is increased and temperature is decreased).


                    (i) Equilibrium will shift in the forward direction, i.e., more of ice will melt. (ii) Solubility will decrease because it is an exothermic process. (iii) Pressure has no effect. Decrease of temperature will shift the equilibrium in the backward direction.

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