11th Class Chemistry Alkali Metals Question Bank 11th CBSE Chemistry Alkali Metals

  • question_answer Why super oxides of alkali metals are paramagnetic while normal oxides are diamagnetic?


                    Super oxides contain the ion \[O_{2}^{-}\] which has the structure \[{{(:\overset{.\,\,\,\,.}{\mathop{O}}\,\overset{.\,\,.\,\,\,.}{\mathop{-}}\,\overset{.\,\,\,.}{\mathop{O}}\,:)}^{-}}\] containing a three electron bond, i.e., it has one unpaired electron and hence is paramagnetic. Normal oxides containing the ion \[{{[:\underset{\,\,\,.\,\,\,.}{\overset{.\,\,\,.}{\mathop{O}}}\,:]}^{2-}}\] do not have any unpaired electrons and hence are diamagnetic.


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