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Email (Electronic mail) is a digital correspondence that provides the facility to send and receive text messages, picture files and any other file to and from anyone with an e-mail address. E-mail is fast, easy and inexpensive. Email is a formal conversation. It should be point to point and well written. In current market there are many service providers who provide free e-mail services on the Internet, such as www.gmail.com, www.yahoo.com, www.hotmail.com and www.msn.com. The first part of the email address is a user name. The second part or domain name defines the Internet provider where the mail is sent. The two parts are separated by '@' sign (pronounced as "at the rate"). The domain name is followed by an extension that indicates the type of organization to which the network belongs.  


* The following is an example of an email address:


To send mail: 

  • Start your e-mail program and click the Compose New message option. Depending on your e-mail program, the name of this button may vary.
  • In the 'To' text box, type the address of the recipient or click on a name in the address book.
  • Type a short description of your e-mail on the subject line.
  • Click the message area and type your message.
  • Click Send to send the message.

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