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Learning Objective


To learn about basic directions and cardinal directions.

To understand the rules for directional sense. 



Direction sense test is a type of verbal reasoning in which student is required to have a good knowledge of direction. There are basically 4 directions namely North, East, West, and South. Four other combinations of them like North East (NE), South East (SE), South West (SW) and North West (NW) are cardinal directions. If a person is facing in East direction and he turns left by 45°, he will be facing North East (NE) direction. If he turns left by 90°, he would be facing North direction.


Fig. 1: Direction sense.

Right Turn: Turn clockwise

Left Turn: Turn anticlockwise



At the time of sunrise, if a man stands facing east, his shadow will be towards west.

At the time of sunset, the shadow of an object is always towards east.

If a man stands facing north, at the time of sunrise his shadow will be towards his left and at the time of sunset it will be towards his right.

At 12 : 00 noon, the rays of the sun are vertically downward; hence there will be no shadow.



Type 1:                                                                                          

Starting from his house, Vasu goes 8 km in East direction, then turns to his left and goes 4 km. Finally he    turns to his left and goes 8 km. Now how far is he from his house and in what direction?                

(a) 4 km East                      (b) 20 km South      

(c)  8 km west                    (d) 4 km North.

Sol.        (d) 4 km North. From the third position, it is clear he is 4 km North from his house.


his house is in North direction.


Type 2:

Deeksha goes 8 km to the East from her house, then she turns to her right and goes 6 km. What minimum distance will be covered by her to come back to her house.

(a) 14km                              (b) 2km             

(c)  10km                              (d) None of these

Sol.        (c)



Minimum distance \[=\sqrt{{{(8)}^{2}}+{{(6)}^{2}}}\]


Type 3:

One morning after sunrise Sangeeta, while going to school, met Poonam at Pacific Mall crossing. Poonam's shadow was exactly to the right of Sangeeta. If they were face to face, which direction was Sangeeta facing?

(a) North                             (b) West            

(c)  South                             (d) East

Sol.        (c) South.                   


In the morning sun rises in the East. So in morning the shadow falls towards the west.

Now Poonam's shadow falls to the right of Sangeeta. So Sangeeta is facing South.


Type 4:

Pragya starting from her house walked 8 km to reach Mohan Nagar crossing. In the direction in which she was going, a road on the opposite side of the crossing goes to Loni. The road to the right goes to Hindon river. If the road which goes to Hindon river is just opposite to the road which goes to the IT-park, then in which direction to Pragya is the road which goes to the IT-park?

(a) Left                                 (b) Right             

(c)  North                            (d) East

Sol.        (a) Left.

From (II) it is clear that the road which goes to IT-park is to the left of Pragya.

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