5th Class Science Work, Force and Energy Force


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*      Force


A push or pull acting on an object is called a force.

A force can be used to:

Move a stationary object

Stop a moving object

Make a moving object move faster

Slowdown a moving object

Change the direction of a moving object

Change the shape and size of an object


*       Type of Force

There are different types of forces


*     Muscular Force

When something has to be pushed, pulled or lifted, muscular force is applied.


*     Gravitational Force

Because of gravitational force, we are able to stay on the ground.


*     Frictional Force

Frictional force slows down a moving object. Even frictional force helps us in walking.


*      Elastic Force

A stretched rubber band regains its original position on being released because of elastic force. Elastic force arises when a baby deforms.


*      Mechanical Force

Simple tools makes use of mechanical force.


*      Buoyant Force

The upward push of water on a floating object is called buoyant force or up thrust. If we push a mug or piece of wood, we can feel an upward thrust.

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