2nd Class Science The Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom

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  • Animals move from one place to another in search of food, shelter and to themselves from the enemy.
  • Plants and animals both are living organisms. Animals depends upon plants for food animals are known as consumers and plants are called producer in a food chain.
  • Animals that can be tamed and kept at homes and farms are called domestic anima cow, goats, buffalo’s horse etc.
  • Uses: donkey is used for load carrying, oxen for cultivation, cow gives us milk etc.
  • The skin of some animals like snakes, crocodiles, camels etc. are used as leather.
  • Some animals like cats, dogs, rabbits and birds are kept at home are known animals.
  • Animals which live in forests are called wild animals. These animals are danger lion, tiger, wolf, fox, deer, giraffe, monkey etc.
  • Herbivores animals eat only plants, fruits and vegetables, e.g. cow, deer, goat, etc.
  • Carnivore’s animals eat only flesh of other animals e.g. Lion, tiger, leopard, eagle, snake, fox etc.
  • Omnivores animals eat both plants and animals e.g. crow, human beings, rat beer etc.
  • Scavengers are wild animals which eat the remains of dead animals e.g. vulture, fox and jackal etc.
  • Homes of some animals- cow-cowshed, dog-kennel, horse-stable, lion and tiger-den, rabbits, rats and snake-holes, monkey and birds-trees.

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